Mathematics (1900). This endorsement entitles the holder to teach Mathematics in all public schools.

Links to state requirements for Mathematics teacher certification:

Mathematics Teacher Certification Programs in NJ

Bloomfield College

5-Year Masters of Teaching Program (BS/MAT)

Graduate Certification Programs in Teacher Education

Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Alternate Route-Training Community Colleges (ART-CC)

Caldwell University

B.A. in Secondary Education

Education - Combined B.A./M.A. Program

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Centenary University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Elementary Education/Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Education Mathematics

New Jersey State Teaching Certification Post-Baccalaureate

Drew University

Master of Arts in Teaching

Combined Degree B-MAT

Essex County Provisional Teacher Training Program

Alternate Route Program

Fairleigh Dickinson University

BA/BS MAT (QUEST) Secondary Education K-12: combined degree

MAT Teaching

Felician University

B.A. in Elementary & Special Education (K-6/Teacher of Students with Disabilities) with Middle School Endorsement (5-8)

B.A. in Secondary Education (K-12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement

M.A. in Elementary & Special Education: K-6 & Teacher of Students with Disabilities with Middle School (5-8) Endorsement

M.A. in Secondary and Special Education: K-12 and Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Georgian Court University

B.A. in Elementary Education (K-6) OR Specific Subject Education

M.A.T. in Teacher of Specific Subject (K-12) & Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement

Kean University

B.A. in Elementary Education | Bilingual K-6/5-8

B.A. Elementary Education K-6/5-8/Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics - STEM Teacher Education - 5 Year B.S./M.A.

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences with Teacher Certification K-12 OR B.A. in Mathematical Sciences with Dual Certification,Teacher of Students with Disabilities and K-12

Monmouth University

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Educators

B.A. in Secondary Education Endorsement (9-12)

B.A. in Elementary Education Endorsement (K-6)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Elementary or Secondary Education, combined with a graduate program in: Teacher of Students with Disabilities

M.A.T. with Elementary (K-6) or Secondary (7-12) Track

400-Hour Provisional Teacher Training Program

Montclair State University

Combined BS/MAT

Dual Certification: MAT in Subject Area (P-12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD)

MAT in Content Area

Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics (Certificate) Online

Alternate Route Teacher Certification Subject Area (P-12)

Morris-Union Jointure Commission

Alternate Route Provisional Teacher Program (ARTP)

New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

Progressive Science Initiative/Progressive Mathematics Initiative Certification Programs

Master of Science in Teaching and Learning Mathematics + Add-On NJ K12 Mathematics Endorsement

New Jersey City University

Secondary Education with K-12 Certification (With major in Arts and Sciences)

Secondary Education - Teacher Certification, M.A.T.

Mathematics-Teacher Certification, B.A.

New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey - Secondary Education

Alternate Route in Math

Combined New Pathways to Teaching and Teacher of Students with Disabilities, M.A.T.


Teacher Education Programs (with Rutgers-Newark UTEP)

Pillar College

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Princeton University

Certification | Program in Teacher Preparation

Ramapo College of New Jersey

K-12 Content Area Certification Concentration Programs

MASE 4+1 Dual Certification Program

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education and Certification Programs

Relay Graduate School of Education

Relay Alternate Certification

Master of Arts in Teaching

Rider University

Secondary Education, B.A.

Middle School Education (Minor)

Rowan University

Combined Advanced Degree Program (CADP) in Subject Matter Education for Math and Science

M.A. in STEM Education

B.A. in Education - Specialization: Elementary Education (K-6)

ASPIRE to Teach at Rowan University CE Educator Preparation Program

Rutgers University-Center for Effective School Practices (Somerset)

Alternate Route

Rutgers Graduate School of Education (New Brunswick)

5-Year Mathematics Education (K-12) Ed.M.

Post-Baccalaureate Ed.M. with Certification in Mathematics Education

Rutgers University - Camden

Accelerated BA/MAT Program

Master of Arts in Teaching

Rutgers University - Newark

Urban Secondary Education Program

Saint Elizabeth University

B.A. in Education - Inclusive Elementary/Early Childhood Education Track

B.A. in Education - Inclusive Elementary/Middle School Math or Science Education Track

B.A. in Education - Secondary Education Minor

Combined B.A. to M.A. in Education - Elementary and Early Childhood Education Track

Combined B.A. to M.A. in Education - Elementary, Middle School Math or Science Education Track

Combined B.A. to M.A. in Education - Secondary Education Minor

Saint Peter's University

Secondary Education Program with Subject Area Endorsements

Certification Programs in Education

Alternate Route to Certification Program

Seton Hall University

Bachelor of Science in Education

Stockton University

TEDU Baccalaureate Program

TEDU Secondary Program

Alternate Route to Teaching in NJ

The College of New Jersey

Elementary Education BS

Urban Secondary Education 5-Year Program

Mathematics Secondary Education BS

Secondary Special Education 5-Year Program

William Paterson University

BA in Secondary Education Subject Field (K-12)

Link to spreadsheet of all STEM Teacher Education programs in New Jersey