About us

This site was developed by a committed group of STEM education leaders in New Jersey to ensure that future STEM teachers have information for making career pathway decisions. We have been meeting regularly since early 2020 to try to figure out way to recruit more STEM teachers into the profession.

Dr. Brian Baldwin, NJ Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics, Kean University

Frank Caccavale, Executive Director at New Jersey Technology & Engineering Educators Association, Roxbury High School

Rich DelVechio, Science Supervisor, Hackensack Public Schools

Ron Durso, District Subject Supervisor, Fair Lawn School District

Dr. Manuel Figueroa, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Integrative STEM Education

Alicia Killian, Science Supervisor, Holmdel Township School District

Dr. Doug Larkin, Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Montclair State University

Gavin Quinn, NJSELA President; District Science Supervisor, K-12 Moorestown Twp Public Schools

Marisa Wilson, Supervisor of Science and Technology, Sparta Township Public Schools

This project currently receives no external funding, and is the product of the professional contributions of the above committee. Information on this site represents the viewpoint of individuals and not their employers, and is intended for informational purposes only. Anyone interested in joining our monthly discussions on how to sustain and improve the recruitment of STEM teachers into the profession, please contact Ron Durso at rdurso.fairlawnschools@gmail.com.

The data on this website is maintained and updated by Doug Larkin larkind@montclair.edu with the extraordinary help of Cheyenne Chmara, a Montclair State graduate assistant.

Most recent site update is 10/29/2021